Jason Esswein:

Teaching Methodology and Background


Jason Esswein is concerned about a process even more extensive than actual “steps” or “technique.” The focal point of his enhanced dance instruction is his unrelenting patience.

Jason tirelessly focuses on creating a safe environment, combining patience with technical material. He genuinely wants his students to succeed, and takes a personal interest in seeing this transpire.

With formal training in psychology, Jason Esswein is skilled at anticipating the needs of each student, continually readjusting to an individual's preferred method of learning (whether it be kinesthetic, visual, and/or auditory).

All too often, many men (and some women), shortly prior to instruction, have reported that they could not possibly learn to dance because they have never experienced any previous success in their attempts. Jason always proves this “theory” wrong.

With patience and the ability to set clearly defined reachable goals, Jason continually shows that a person needs only the ability to walk in order to be able to dance.




Jason Esswein is also a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT).  He has earned an M.S. in clinical psychology from San Jose State University and his practice includes individual adults, couples, adolescents, and children.

Jason enjoys the overlap of dance instruction and counseling and he strives to create a relaxing, fun atmosphere in his dance classes. Jason Esswein has taught dance for over 17 years at West Valley College, Mission College, various clubs, companies, and community centers. Jason also teaches privately. His patient, dedicated approach makes ballroom dancing fun and easy for all ages.