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The Benefits of Ballroom Dance

   Social dance is an excellent way to boost self-esteem, make new friends, exercise, and have fun in the process.  It also provides a method of improving posture, poise, general body awareness and an opportunity for self-expression.

   Social dance provides a superb way of improving communication with couples.  Various facets required in social dance are the ability to trust one’s partner, forgiving the other’s weaknesses, and focusing on encouraging one another.  In fact, the sooner each partner is willing to incorporate these concepts in their dancing, the more rapid, easy, and joyful the learning process.

   Many couples report that their dance lesson is their “date night” where they connect and have fun.  Some have reported arguing before the lesson, only to find that at the end of the instruction, they forgot what they were “supposed” to be upset about.  It is nearly impossible to bring with you the troubles, cares, and concerns of outside life into the dance arena.  Dancing requires us to be fully present, something intrinsically healing.


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